Friday, August 21, 2009

Forgiveness, Al-a'fwa, Kemaafan..

Puji-pujian ke hadhrat ilahi yang bersifat infiniti pada kudrat dan kuasanya, selawat dan salam ke atas junjungan mulia Rasulullah S.A.W dan salam sejahtera kepada semua pembaca yang budiman. Semoga diri dan iman kita semua sentiasa berada dalam keadaan yang sihat dan salim.

Terasa janggal tatkala jari-jemari ini berlari-lari setempat di atas papan kekunci untuk melahirkan satu coretan rasa setelah sekian lama penulis tidak menulis dek kerana hambatan masa serta komitmen yang penuh terhadap agenda pembelajaran. Namun di kesempatan yang ada ini, penulis bercadang untuk meluangkan masa sejenak dengan fokus penulisan yang ikhlas merely to discuss about the topic of forgiveness..ah sudah..terbahasa inggeris lah pulak..tapi takpe..we need to move on..regarding to the language matter-just leave it to the writer-he knows the best..=’)

Now, look at the topic above, at the top of the article, I happened to use three languages to mention the same thing-something about forgiveness. In our lives, we used to have a different opinions, different methods, and different ways of thinking from others, from these sorts of differences; we tend to have a further misunderstanding basically in a form of quarrel, dispute, sometimes, we tend to have a fight and then, in a more serious manner, we will be going to kill each other, nauzubillah..

From this chronological overview, I believe that the forgiveness is an appropriate concept which can be applied as an imperative measure to prevent the greater ramifications derived from the quarrel or dispute between two parties, but it is very hard to be executed due to the sense of self-esteem or self-importance of the persons involved. Hence, ego is always being the only obstacle in ‘Islah’ process. But, do you know that the concept of ego and takabbur is just the same?? In the Quran, chapter 7, suurah Al-a’raaf, verse 11-13 can define exactly the concept of ego, which also brings the definition of takabbur- but I’m not going to put the translation for this aayat, you can find it by yourself k. Please use the qudrah of aql given to you by The Almighty.:-)

If you can understand completely the aayat above, I strongly believe that you will agree with me if I make a statement stating that the concept of ego and takabbur is just the same. So, the moral is, ego is the sifah (sifat) which is originated from Satan and can be categorized as sifah al-mazmuumah. Hence, why do we need to have an ego in ourselves just to attain our dignity perhaps? Especially in giving and delivering the forgiveness. Please my brothers and sisters..please lower down your level of ego and do Islah process among us. Now, I will give you another aayat from the holy al-Quran (chapter 24, suurah An-nuur, verse 22) regarding to the concept of forgiveness, please enjoy in finding the meaning, but do respect to the aayat by applying the principles in the aayat in your daily life =)

sekian, wallahu a'laam =)

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