Friday, May 28, 2010

Human Ovulation Clearly Photographed for First Time in History

Sebenarnya bukan yang ini saya nak tunjuk..Ada yang lebih cantik gambar ovum yang diambil secara tidak sengaja. Gambar tu dah terdelete dan bila di googling pun tiada kat internet. Yang ini pun ok jugak..

The photos you are viewing here are history in the making – literally!

Captured by Dr. Jacques Donnez for the first time in clear photograph, these images show ovulation just as it occurs in the human female. Because ovulation happens so infrequently (13 times per year in the average American woman), happens rather quickly (max of 15 minutes from beginning to end), and because we never know for sure when ovulation will exactly take place, it has been very difficult to clearly video or photograph this event. The release of a mature egg from the ovary in a woman’s body is so sensitive to hormones and various factors at play, that to perfectly photograph the spectacular event is, so far, a once-in-human-history type of occurrence.

These images were taken when Dr. Donnez, department head of gynecology at UCL in Brussels, Belgium, accidentally happened upon ovulation occurring while preparing to perform a partial hysterectomy on his 45-year-old client.

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